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UBC Wiki Project

A central location for guides, tools, and information about UBC

This is a community driven project made possible by many cool contributors. Thank you ❤️


  • ✨ Essential Tools & Guides

    Includes guides and tools for:

    • admissions
    • course registration
    • finding textbooks
    • mental health resources

    Other pages being built include housing and recommended courses (ex. GPA boosters).

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  • 📌 Get around Campus

    Includes guides and tools for:

    • Places to visit on campus
    • Study Spots
    • Food Spots
    • Lost & Found tips

    We are also collecting information on where to find lockers, printers, showers, nap/sleep spots, etc.

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Open the sidebar in each section to see all pages for that section

Our Online Communities

  • Reddit Community (r/UBC)


    This community on Reddit has grown to support over 90,000 users (as of 2024). These users include students, professors, staff, and other community members.

  • Lemmy Community (c/UBC)


    After Reddit made harmful changes in 2023, a backup community was created. This decentralized and open-source alternative, managed by a non-profit, will guarantee that the UBC community has a space to connect, share, and discuss.

For stats, census results, and the winners of the annual 'Best of' : 🙌 History & Best Posts


This wiki is an open source community project, and it is being built through the collaborative effort of many cool people in the UBC community. We welcome and encourage contributions!

If you would like to work on a longer section, we recommend that you send us a modmail on Reddit or message Otter on Lemmy before getting started. We can provide guidance, or let you know if someone else is already working on it.

See an error? Want to add something? See below:


If you are familiar with GitHub, you can also create an issue, or implement the changes yourself and submit a pull request into the STAGING branch. New ideas submitted by other means will be added as issues.

For instructions on how to edit things on the site, see the instructions here.

Want to learn how to use Github: Hello-World (