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In 2024, user u/woodentoucan created this microwave location map and open source data set!

Source Code: summer-h-s/summer-h-s-web

screenshot of map
Screenshot of the map


Hi! I'm a commuter student who knows how difficut it can be to find a convenient microwave on campus, especially on days where time is short. I made this map to help you locate the nearest public microwave. Plus, anyone can contribute to the dataset so the information should stay accurate and up-to-date.

How to add microwaves to the map?

  1. Open the spreadsheet using the link above.
  2. If you want to add a new microwave to the map or edit an existing point, simply make a comment with your changes in 'Sheet1', so spreadsheet moderators can accept the update.

What can you add?

  • To add a point you must provide map coordinates, which can be found here: or by clicking on a location using a site like Google Maps.
  • Please try to add other information like:
    • Number of microwaves at the location
    • Building name of the location
    • Description of how to get to the microwave
    • Any relevant notes
    • Building hours
    • The date of your update (so future viewers can guage the information accuracy)
  • Microwaves must be PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE. No staff room/ residence floor/ private club room locations please!

Other Resources

In 2017, the SEEDS Lunch Hubs student research report contained information on microwaves and "campus food preparation and eating areas". See the link for more information about the resource.