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Registration Info & Tools

Course scheduling is a nightmare and the SSC loves to ruin your day. Here are some tips and tools to make it better.

Registration FAQ

When will I know my registration time?

You will know around 2 weeks before the registration. Your time will be within a range according to your year level, and you can find that range here. This time can change in some cases so check the SSC again in the days before registration opens.

How is registration time calculated exactly?

TODO: Work in progress

I didn’t get a seat in the course I wanted. What should I do?

  1. You should first sign up for the waitlist and register for your backup course.

  2. Many students will also sign up for notification services linked below, which will notify you when a seat opens up. If you do use this method, try to log in as soon as you get a notification or else someone else may grab the seat. Please also note that these methods only work if your course is open for registration as some courses will block off registration so only the course coordinator can move people in from the waitlist manually. If this is the case, DO NOT leave your waitlist as you will lose your spot in the list.

  3. If you still have not gotten into your course when classes start, show up to the class anyways and speak to the prof. They will often be able to find you a spot, or they will let you know if it will not be possible. This is a tried and true method that has worked for many students.

Registration Tools

Picking Courses


    See past grade distributions for courses. This is a great tool to see how hard a course is / how grades vary between sections.


  • UBC Profs

    Offers information on grading variance between profs.


  • RateMyProf

    See what profs are like for classes that release who's teaching. Most people know what this is so I won't add more.


  • UBC Pair

    Official UBC grade distribution tool, which is more accurate but harder to use. You will need ot access using your UBC VPN, or use it on campus.



    UBC Course Explorer, which allows users to see all course prereqs/coreqs and dependencies (unverified)


  • Pre-Req Tree

    No longer available

  • Slacknotes

    No longer available

Getting into Full Courses

Organizing your Courses

While pen and paper work great, here are some tools that can make the schedule planning process easier.


These tools may not be up to date with the SSC. You should ALWAYS double check with the SSC for the correct date/time/location.

  • UBCScheduler

    A tool developed by UBC students to help you plan out a course schedule. You can input your courses and it will generate a schedule for you. It also has a feature to help you find a schedule that fits your courses and your preferences.


  • yichen's tool



  • HFaran's tool

    Link: hfaran/ubc-timetabler


  • ChenVictor's tool

    Link: chenvictor/CourseScheduler


  • UBC Scheduler


    No longer works

Tools for Transcripts