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r/UBC Census 2018

Raw Results

The census this year saw 777 responses. Out of these responses, 3 were discarded for being obvious trolls. Obviously, being an online survey, the results could be distorted, but nothing indicates that in the data collected. You can view the complete results here.

General demographics

Status of users

This subreddit is, unsurprisingly, overwhelmingly undergraduates

% r/ubc
Undergrad 82%
Alumni 5%
Grad Student 4%
Prospective student 4%
Staff and faulty 3%
Other 2%


Faculty of users

To the shock of absolutely no one, science and computer science dominate. However, Arts still has a pretty good showing.

Faculty % r/ubc
Arts 23.0%
Applied Science 20.8%
Commerce 6.72%
Kinesiology 1.64%
Medicine 1.35%
Science 40.4%
Computer Science 16.0%
Psychology 3.29%


Year and gender split

The gender split skews male 65/35.



Something interesting, out of the 15 ELEC students who responded, 0 were female. Must be a lonely program.

The year split is very balanced.


Year % r/ubc
1st year 21%
2nd year 21%
3rd Year 27%
4th Year 16%
5+ year 11%
Does not use years 4%

International and Domestic students

Domestic/international r/ubc
Domestic (BC) 21%
Domestic (ROC) 21%
3rd Year 27%
4th Year 16%
5+ year 11%
Does not use years 4%

If you want to explore some (probably spurious) correlations, send me a message.

How does this data comPAIR with the general UBC student body?

UBC PAIR contains demographical information from which it would be interesting to compare certain subreddit demographics with. Here are some :

r/ubc UBCV
Gender ratio (overall M/F) 65/32 44/56
% of students* international 17% 27.3%
% of students that are undergraduate students 95% 66.1%

*Question wasn't optional, despite the fact that the question only applied to students. As such, question is only a rough estimate.

Breakdown of select faculties and departments

Faculty % r/ubc UBCV
Arts 23.0% 28.5%
Applied Science 20.8% 12.3%
Commerce 6.72% 10.9%
Kinesiology 1.64% 2.27%
Medicine 1.35% 7.78%
Science 40.4% 17.6%
Computer Science 16.0% 2.70%
Psychology 3.29% 4.61%

How does this data compare with a comparable subreddit?

Mainly, r/uwaterloo, which also did a demographics survey. Uwaterloo, as a very STEM heavy school, is perhaps not the best comparison, but r/uoft hasn't done a demographics survey, so we're stuck with the goose school. Some main comparisons:

r/ubc r/uwaterloo
% of students in CS 16.0% 27%
% of students in Engineering 20.8% 34.1%
% of students in Arts 23.0% 8.7%
Gender ratio (M/F) 65/32 73/25
% of students domestic? 83% 87.9% (Question asked for citizenship, did not include PR)

While Uwaterloo organizes it's faculties in a different manner than UBC, Arts and engineering are still a comparable faculties. However, comparing faculties of Science is not possible. As such, CS has been used, as it is a large department in both subreddits. (Credit to u/fugbox)

Thank you to /u/Justausername1234 for putting this together!